Tuesday 9/13/2016 ~ Just as Simple…

     You often hear that whatever it is your goal it’s “just as simple” as…XYZ.  Want to lose weight? Eat less, exercise more.  Want to quit smoking?  Stop.  Want to tone up?  Stop avoiding the gym.  Have a chronic condition?  Get more rest, exercise more, take vitamins, drink herbal tea, the list is endless.  I’ve talked to people who have gastroparesis who have heard some of the CRAZIEST things in the terms of advice from unqualified non professionals.

     I can’t speak to other chronic conditions (because I don’t have them), but I can tell you that with GP it’s “just as simple as” figuring out what works best for YOU.  I can tell you that because there is no gold standard miracle cure, AND I can tell you that it’s not all that simple.  It’s a life altering condition, that takes a GREAT deal of acceptance and adjustment.  

     So what’s my point?  My point is that whether you are trying to lose weight, give up drugs/alcohol/smoking, tone up, be a better person, navigate life after WLS or just live healthier …. It’s NOT “just that simple”!  If it WERE would we not all be icons of health and perfection?  If it was all “oh so easy” wouldn’t everyone sign up?!?!?  The reality is that it’s a lot of work, whatever it is ~ it’s work ~ and some days will be easier than others but very little is “easy”.

     My thought for the day is to be good to yourself.  No matter what your struggle, no matter what your path…CUT YOURSELF SOME SLACK!  Don’t compare your journey to others, don’t berate yourself for the days you feel inadequate in your journey, forgive yourself your transgressions, accept where you are on your path and embrace it, and treat yourself the same way you would treat your friend/mother/brother/sister/child.  Everything is a process, every obstacle is a sub-process inside this bigger journey called LIFE!  Each little piece is just a small cog in the wheel, and you will get much farther in your quest for happiness, contentment and success if you embrace the journey and love yourself because the reality is it’s NOT “just that simple” for ANY OF US.  No matter what you see from the outside looking in ~ everyone has highs and lows and everyone has mountains on their journey ~ enjoy the ride! ❤️

     Thanks for reading as always ~ if you enjoy the blogs please feel free to share on FB (WLJ2H&B) or Twitter (PaulaJac23).


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