Sunday 9/11/2016

     Just last week a friend was talking about 9/11 after seeing a piece to commentate and honor the travesty on a news program.  What they said was basically that they think the attention given to this one incident is disproportionate to other events in our history ~ with specific reference to the holocaust.

     I can’t say that’s “wrong” because (especially I  think here in NY being so close to “ground zero”) we do hear a GREAT deal more than we do about other significant historical events.  So why is that?  My guess is that it’s a combination of reasons ~ the fact that it was “unexpected”, that it was here on American soil, that given where we live there were so many we know either directly or through some linkage impacted, the fact that it’s such a ‘recent’ event that there remains so many alive with the stories fresh in their mind to share.

     I think that 30-40-50 years from now, when a number of those who had first hand experience are no longer with us, and when a thousand new despicable acts have transpired ~ 9/11 may be (much like the other events of historical significance) just another page in the history books.  Remembered more poignantly by those with direct impact, but no longer ‘worthy’ of a piece on every six o’clock news.  

     In the meantime my sympathies and my heart continue to go out to those who are living with the horrific memories as if it were just yesterday ~ and it’s a moment to reflect and postulate how so MUCH of the history of violence in the world has NOT taken place on American soul.  A moment to remember that regardless of how embarrassing some our politics and policies might be, we are afforded a sense of safety and freedom, and luxury here in America that SO MANY other countries cannot even begin to fathom.  We remember 9/11 so vividly because it’s one of the tragic events that really violated those things on a personal level, if we lived in another place we might face that kind of tragic existence on a daily basis.  How lucky are we that to reflect on and remember our last earth shattering moment was that many years ago?  #perspective #myheartgoesout 

     I know this one is way off topic but I thought it was okay to stray now and then ~ there’s so much more in this world to talk about than just my little problems! ❤️


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