Tuesday 9/6/2016 ~ Cost of Healthcare Rant

     So I came across this article about how major insurance companies are pulling out of the Obamacare marketplace because they are losing money.  To be frank ~ although I believe these companies are greedy on the whole ~ I am also a realist and I know they are indeed a business “for profit” so I wasn’t very upset at that fact alone.  
     What riled me up however was the following paragraph “Aetna’s decision to alter its Marketplace participation does not change the fundamental fact that the Health Insurance Marketplace will continue to bring quality coverage to millions of Americans next year and every year after that,” said Kevin Counihan, CEO of HealthCare.gov, the federal insurance exchange.”

     Are you KIDDING me Mr. Counihan?  Are you ACTUALLY that out of touch with the (lack of) success of the marketplace?  In your defense I’m sure the government likely foots the bill for YOUR insurance, but for many of us the story is QUITE a different tale.

     For myself ~ when I finally received disability I was of course not eligible for health insurance ~ but I also made “to much money” to be eligible for Medicaid anymore so that left me at the mercy of this “quality coverage” in the marketplace you refer to for a two year period.

     Like good little citizen I sat down and I reviewed all the available plans and their costs ~ using the beautiful user friendly web site to ‘compare plans’.  I could INDEED get that quality coverage if I were willing to spend about half of my monthly disability stipend on insurance premiums and go live in a shelter.  The REALITY is that in order to be able to afford housing, heat, lights etc. I had to choose the CHEAPEST option in the marketplace ~ in order to stay legal and not be fined for being uninsured.

     What that meant for ME was that even though I was living with a feeding tube, and quite sick ~ that I no longer went to the doctor.  My plan did not cover the motility clinic that I was attending who specializes in my clinic so I had to stop going there all together.  As for my “regular” doctors, well they did participate but this “quality coverage” was only going to pay them AFTER I met my deductible of 10K PLUS – which of COURSE I could not do ~ and so I stayed home and suffered for MONTHS.  Finally after about six months I ended up in the emergency room, which subsequently led to admission to the hospital AND a trip to the operating room.  Well yes sir Mr. Counihan I surely got some quality coverage THEN ~ along with another fifteen thousand dollars in medical debt that I have no means to pay.

     Sad thing is there’s plenty of people in my situation, I am not unique.  Then there’s the small business going belly up trying to navigate the marketplace for their employees.  There’s the single moms or dads working for minimum wage trying to pay 6,7,8-hundred dollars a month to cover THEIR quality healthcare.  There’s the 2-parents working families who can no longer put their children in dance or baseball because the % of their disposable income has been cut in half or less just trying to pay for this “gift from the government”.

     In my experience the marketplace has offered “healthcare” that is NEITHER quality NOR affordable.  It’s shameful that our country puts its own citizens in debt and jeopardizes the health of their nation because the government is so out of touch with the realities of the daily life and survival of the general population.  I understand that no country is perfect, and that we live in a capitalist society here in our country.  I can live with both of those facts, but I think it speaks volumes to our greed and our ignorance as a nation when we are unwilling or unable to mix a SPLASH of humanity into our capatilism in order to ensure that our citizens thrive and not suffer.

     Mr. Counihan I challenge you to live on my income for six months here in the state of New York, and be forced to purchase “quality coverage” through the marketplace.  All the while just “pretending” to be as sick as I am with my condition ~ and THEN at the end of those six months tell me what you think of this “quality coverage”.  I don’t blame President Obama, I don’t “blame” you, it’s much bigger than any one person or opinion ~ our entire system needs an overhaul!  

Hey thanks for tuning in and listening to my rant ~ see you next time! ❤️


     To read the article in full that I’m referring to click HERE.  


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