Sunday 9/4/2016 ~ Take Action

     So the convention I recently attended was the “Your Weight Matters” annual convention put on by the Obesity Action Coalition.  If you are impacted by obesity in any way I encourage you to visit their website and see what they are about.  My first experience with them was absolutely an empowering and positive one!  

     One of the sessions I attended at the conference was the Advocacy training ~ and it was my favorite experience of my four days.  I have never been political, but the education I received at this training with the passion behind it inspired me to become a little more active, at least in how politics relate to this topic.

     I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here and try to reiterate the resolution that is currently in congress ~ because I’m not well versed enough to do that AND there is no need to.  The OAC website lays everything out beautifully ~ and is quite simple and user friendly ~ so if you have ANY interest at all I encourage you to head over to their website and check them out!

     Their homepage can be found at and if you are interested in supporting their initiatives from an advocacy standpoint they have a page dedicated to walking you through that.  User friendly so that the most inexperienced novice can navigate lending their voice to the cause. 

     It’s relevant to note that I’m not a compensated supporter of the Coalition ~ simply someone who recently learned about them and their mission ~ and someone who has been inspired to help spread the word!  So please take a moment to check them out if obesity has impacted your life in any way…a worthwhile cause! ❤️
#YWM2017 #obesityaction 


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