Friday 9/2/2016 ~ Enjoy The Process

     At the convention last weekend I had the pleasure of hearing a presentation from Dawn Jackson Blatner and Jasmin Queen ~ the winners of the reality show “My Diet Is Better Than Yours”.  They are both contagious, positive, inspiring and beautiful women, and their entire story was amazing.  What particularly stood out for me though was a couple of thing:

  1. They were BOTH “real life based”.  Not offering any magic cures or blowing sunshine. They both spoke candidly about the fears, the cheers, the highs and lows.  They talked about setting realistic and attainable goals, and we’re just so grounded in what the journey and struggle is actually like for most of us.  I found it quite inspiring.
  2. They were both very genuine and beautiful people ~ beautiful outside yes, but more importantly inside.
  3. Jasmin spoke about her journey continues and how she is finding her place between healthy and happy.  That really resonated with me, because although I also appreciated hearing all of the research and population based information ~ real life application is often quite different and challenging.
  4. Lastly their theme, their “key”, their one juicy tidbit was the advice to ENJOY THE PROCESS.  Jasmin spoke about how prior to the show her life was “on hold”, she would do X,y,and z “after losing the weight”; and WOW how very true is THAT for so many of us dealing with obesity and weight loss!  OMG ~ the new dress, the beach vacation, the gym, the pedicure, the zip line adventure, the gala that denotes “formal dress” on the RSVP card ~ the list goes on and onnnnn!  At one point Dawn said “life is happening NOW”, and that is so literally true!  Every day is a gift to be lived and experienced to its fullest, and tomorrow is not guaranteed to ANY of us!  So why “wait on your weight”?  If you do you are missing so many opportunities and people that might be funtastic inspiring experiences!  LIVE TODAY ~ or in their words ENJOY THE PROCESS.  Literally putting your life “on hold” until you reach goal is like a punishment, as if somehow you are not worthy until pound X.  Well you ARE worthy, you are here today alive NOW in THIS moment and I ENCOURAGE you to challenge yourself each day to ENJOY THE MOMENT ❤️

     Great presentation, contagious inspiration, and epic ideas ~ my hats off to both of these ladies and my thanks for their time.  If you want to get to know them better you can find them on Twitter ~ @JasminBQueen and @djblatner.



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