Tuesday 8/23/2016

     Well it’s been about six weeks since my last post 😁 shame on me!  In my defense shortly after my last post I developed Sepsis and spent a few very long weeks hospitalized and ill, VERY ill apparently.  Nothing to do with my ongoing issues, and they’ve no clue how I happened to get it ~ nor do I ~ but suffice to say it was quite the episode!  I’ll be doing a blog about it specifically in the near future, but today is more of a check in.

     So on Thursday morning I’m flying down to D.C. (Technically it’s in Maryland but back yard) ~ for the annual Your Weight Matters Convention.  I’ve been struggling to not get sick or run down because I know the travel and the pace of the convention will take its toll!

     In other news Biofeedback is completed, I’m currently doing pelvic floor physical therapy twice a week, and when I saw the doctor at Yale she has submitted me for approval to be prescribed a new medication for motility that is still working its way through the FDA.  I’m pretty excited about this medicine because it’s geared towards both stomach and bowel ~ and seems to have less complications and side effects than other medications available.  She did also tell me that I cannot use Reglan anymore because my mouth is starting to show some of the tick like movements that are a side effect.  Physical Therapy for the pelvic floor is another whole interesting adventure that will also get its own blog! 😱

     Overall ~ life is good, feeling blessed and thankful for the advances in my G.I. Situation, the fact that I survived the Sepsis and the upcoming convention.  Next couple of blogs will be about the convention experience, and then I’ll get back around to details on Sepsis, the new medication, physical therapy and whatever else comes along new and exciting!  Talk to you soon ❤️


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