Saturday 4/23/16 – Medical Crap

Soooooo – medical crap lol lets see one thing at a time:

Tube Change is done – it was a bit painful but seems to be working out ok now – I go back to the surgeon on Monday for the follow up so we shall see how that goes.  At least I got the exact same tube and it fits my Stoma so I’m quite happy with that!

As for Yale and the “general stomach stuff”, I’ve now had both tests that the Doctor wanted me to have as far as testing my bowels and I go back to see her this Wednesday so we’ll see what they say.  The guy who did the small bowel follow through the other day did tell me a couple of things of interest.  One is that he was showing me my esophagus and explaining to me that EITHER there are cysts in there OR it’s awfully deteriorated due to the years of vomiting.  Either way he said he was going to recommend to her that I go have another Endo done (this would be what number 17 – eye roll), I guess I’ll see what she says but personally I think if I don’t have trouble swallowing (which I don’t) lets just leave it the hell alone.  He also showed me a part of my bowel that looks like it’s stuck to itself, but actually it’s a whole small section that has a septum right down the middle of it full of scar tissue.  So that could be an issue if the scar tissue is causing a blockage possibly, but they had to look more closely so I’ll see what she says about that too -that would also be “another surgery” and just URGh – and I don’t know the results of the analrectal manometry so I’ll just have to wait til Wednesday!

Lets see – then there’s the “female stuff”.  Having a multitude of female issues going on in there – bottom line is that I was supposed to have a surgery on the 14th of April with my regular gyn guy – which he cancelled.  He cancelled it because when he did the ultrasound on the 8th to check the mass on my ovary it had grown substantially i the 3 weeks since he last looked and so he won’t touch me.  I’m going to the gyn cancer doctor this Thursday – and praying that they will say lets just take it all out – I’m kind so DONE with this whole thing and I’m CERTAINLY never having any more kids – I knew that 20 years ago….so hoping they can just rip it all out and move on, it’s testing my nerves.

Lastly is a kind of a two-fer lol.  My regular doctor sent me to a neurologist with regards to low blood pressure, passing out, light headed etc., seems to be a recurring issue for me that continues to be a problem.  So went to her, she’s doing ten thousand tests which is fine…and I’ll see her to get the results of those in a few weeks.  Bottom line is she “thinks” that whatever “syndrome” it is that causes the veins in your neck to NOT return blood to your head at the proper speed and regulate your blood pressure might be in play here – the tilt table test (of all the 15 different tests I’m having) will likely be the one to make or break this theory.  So that’s that BUT here’s what’s interesting…

I have developed some cysts on two fingers on my right hand, at first no big deal but they really became painful and irksome – so I asked my doctor about them and he didn’t know what they were so he sent me to the dermatologist.  Went there the other day and she ended up cutting one off for biopsy and burning the other off, but she told me that she thinks that it might well be an autoimmune problem, such as POTS caused by my gastric issues.  My body basically just “being done” with all this and attacking itself – hmmmm interesting to me for a couple of reasons.

#1 in my reading that night to educate myself a little it seems that with POTS the whole lightheaded blood pressure thing is quite a factor and

#2 in my experience in Gastroparesis support groups I’ve noticed that like 75% of the people are diagnosed with this and I always just though hmmm wonder what that is – well I must be one of the lucky ones I don’t have it – I just never likened it to ME and what I have going on…

So I’m waiting for them to call me back in another week or so with the results of the biopsy to see what’s going on THERE.

In general I haven’t been doing great – but not horrible either.  I am 100% feeling whatever the combination of things that are going on with my body as far as just feeling weaker and finding it more difficult to “function”.  Trying not to get to caught up in it because I’m by FAR not doing my worst but I’m hoping that I’ll be feeling better soon if we can make some progress with at least some of the things going on…I’m kind of tired of feeling worn out all the time lol, I need to get my groove back!

Ah well – I’ll try to get a little more productive on legit blogs here very soon – love you all – thanks for dropping by!




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