Living with Gastroparesis ~ 1/19/16

So how the heck are ya?  I’m good ~ you know if you live with chronic illness what that means lol.  It really is what it is, one of the most difficult parts for my uptight controlling self is the loss of control.

I had a great “holiday season” per-say ~ had a lot of good times with great people.  Sadly I also missed a lot of good times with great people because I was ‘sick’.

Now in my case it’s all “relative” ~ if I’m in bed asleep and/or getting sick for say 49-hours – BUT I’m not in the hospital – well that’s a win for me really.  So I’m not crying the blues.  I missed out on about 4 functions that I genuine wanted to be at, I also missed several days with my adopted daughter who I only get to see about 1 week a years cuz we live 1000 miles apart.  So I do have a couple of boo hoo moments  – butttt again….my old friend perspective.

If I do a little “year in review” thing since I got sick…lets see…

2012 – about six months in the hospital and 4 surgeries

2013 – about eight months in the hospital and 3 surgeries

2014 – about two and a half months in the hospital and 2 surgeries

2015 – about five WEEKS in the hospital and just ONE “surgery” and 2 other “procedures” that required me to be knocked out…

So yeah 2015 is a WIN in the gastropresis world for this chick.  Doesn’t mean I wasn’t kinda sad about the days I’ve been in bed sick this last month, I’ve certainly had more than I would have LIKED, but alas…I was NOT in the hospital and I am “learning” to “live” with my condition.  It’s an ongoing battle that everyone is not as fortunate in as I have been so I guess I’ll stop the little “pity party” and “suck it up” as they say cuz I’m starting out 2016 with the goal to keep decreasing those hospital time numbers AND those surgery numbers.!

Here’s to all my fellow chronic illness warriors – much love – much respect and much understanding and yes some of DO know that when you say “you’re fine” that you telling a big fat lie.  Wink Wink – Love Love – Till next time….thanks for coming by! ❤



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