I inspire YOU?! 1/15/16

I inspire YOU?!?!?!?!  GET OUTTA HEREEEEEE…YOU my dear are MY inspiration! ❤

I recently was told by someone that I inspired them – well HELLO there – you just made my day/week/year/life.  It was almost a year ago that I started this whole blogging journey thingie, and my whole goal was to share my story.  To share my “story” no matter how private I am normally am, no matter how embarrassing some of it might be, no matter WHAT because on some of my darkest days I felt so alone and I don’t want ANYONE to ever feel like that.  If in fact my silly thoughts and struggles in fact have inspired ONE person – then wow I feel like the most successful person in the WORLD!  The irony being – the person who I’m specifically referring to in this instance is an AMAZING person who’s overcome a hundred times more than me, with a million times more grace than I – but regardless….I’ll take it – so let us inspire one another shall we. ;0) Much love – see you next round.


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