Living in a limited world (an introduction)

This beautiful person followed MY blog and so anytime someone does I always check them out and follow them back…the first entry that popped up on my screen had this line in it … and oh my goodness how I love this line – the line is:

When I was a child, I thought a good life meant that the sweetie jar was always full, and no one told you when to have a bath

Oh my goodness – I fell in love!  Okay beyond that – my attention is captured by the eloquence in which chronic illness is described right away…so I’m now a fan/follower and I’m honored that someone this eloquent would follow me!  I’m not the best as using this whole WordPress situation for much more than writing so I’ hope I’m doing this correctly = the line in italics is HER line and I believe you will see a link to her blog below…her blog is “Living in a limited world” … please if you follow ME due to the “living with illness” part – go follow her too – I know I’ll be doing some reading over there!  ❤

Source: Living in a limited world (an introduction)


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