Saturday 12/5/15 ~ No Shame

     So how about that gym-timidation.  The subject has come up in my world a few times recently in a few different ways.  The other day I reblogged an article that touch on it as part of a bigger subject.  I also recently joined the gym, and that is where a ton of branches of this subject came up.  

     First I happened to join Planet Fitness.  Let me say right here I do not endorse them, I am not PAID to mention them and I do not think they are any better or worse for you than any other gym or exercise program.  What I DO think is that they were the right fit for ME personally, that is all.  So that being said, I joined Planet Fitness and they are very big on saying “you belong here” and on promoting a “safe environment” to work out in.  I think that is pretty cool because going to the gym CAN in fact be intimidating.  

     You know when it’s “new” you don’t know your way around, you feel awkward and clumsy and when you are not already IN shape you feel like everyone is staring at you ANYWAYS and what an awful feeling that is!  I have to say though, in my opinion – a GREAT deal of that comes from within.  I’m not saying that it doesn’t exist – OF COURSE it does, but I think our psyche and our OWN insecurities plays a big role in how much this impacts us.  I have to say that in my first couple days at this gym – I have not ONE time felt that anyone was “looking me over” or judging me.  

   Now to be honest I really could give a rats ass less if they do.  I’m there for my health not their anything – so yeah if you are judging me please feel free to have fun with that.  I will pray for you that when you are in some awkward position and out of your comfort zone that someone better than you is nicer TO YOU than you are to others – cuz well f)&*^) you that’s why.  You don’t know “my story” and if you DID you’d feel like an absolute asshole.  I won’t waste my time though.  

     I go out of my way to smile and nod at anyone who even look uncomfortable cuz you know what, I know what it feel likes.  There is a TIME that I would have cared…I just don’t give a shit what other people think anymore – I’m doing me and YOU sir are not a factor in that equation.  The REALITY is – you are HERE – you are doing something positive for YOU, you are doing something so much more than anyone who has just given up and stopped trying.  I could care less if you are doing a half a mile at 1.5 mph – you are UP and moving aren’t you and if you continue to move – you WILL go faster and you will go farther.  

     A friend is thinking about joining too and she said the other day that she would NEVER walk in alone – and that makes me sad cuz yeah – SCREW THAT SISTER – you have the RIGHT to walk in whereever you want and OHHHHH BTW here’s food for thought for those who DO JUDGE…you are going to “make fun” of someone for coming to the gym because they are fat?  Yeah – well if they DON’T come to the gym how’s that situation ever going to change?  WTF are you thinking you ignorant asshole.  

     So to all of those who are scared to go in, close your eyes and take me with you….because I say – screw the naysayers and let them hear you roarrrrrr.  The reality is that most people are there doing THERE own thing and could care less about you, likely not even looking at you let alone judging you.  I like to think that the MAJORITY of people are in fact good people who are there for the same reasons you are and could care less how much you weigh, or if your “workout outfit” is cute.  Just DO YOU and don’t worry about anyone else.  You don’t need to be ashamed of your weight or fitness level,  you ALSO don’t need to be ashamed or embarrassed about trying to IMPROVE your fitness level.  You are a freaking PERSON a human being and you have my ABSOLUTE respect for making that drive and walking in that door because it’s NOT easy.  Don’t make it harder on yourself though – try not to be your own worst critic…it’s hard enough out there – let that adrenaline of the workout  rush move you towards natural highs and if you embrace that feeling you’ll be SURPRISED how far you go.  

     So yeah, I say screw “gym-timidation” I refuse to be intimidated, and I say KUDOS to every SINGLE person who got off their ass and did something to help their body today.  Don’t judge YOU so harshly and enjoy the high!  

     Til next time, thanks for stopping by and see you at the treadmills! 🙂






2 thoughts on “Saturday 12/5/15 ~ No Shame

  1. I feel! Ive been wanting to go to the gym but I feel like I’m not as fit as anyone else and I feel like they’ll stare me down like the new person at a school. This makes me think that maybe I shouldn’t be so worried about it after all!

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    1. Aweee my god hun I’m SO SORRY it’s been two weeks and I’ve not responded to you! Between the holidays and illness I’ve not even logged in – I’m so sorry. I am happy to hear that my words might have helped, and I agree you should NOT be so worried lol. I do understand 100% but the reality is that every journey starts with the first step and honestly – 99.999% of the time when we get over ourselves and “just do it” we feel better, more empowered and less stressed. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need any nudges lol, I wish I could go with you literally but in lieu of that I’m happy to be a sounding board if you are having a moment. You can get on my FB page – Weight Loss Journey 2 Hell & Back, on Twitter – @ PAULAJAC23 OR e-mail me PaulaJackson23@gmail – just put “WLJ2H&B” in the subject line. Hope you had a great holiday and hope you are out there moving it moving it. Much Love – Paula

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