Sunday 11/29/30 ~ Steps of WLS

A gentleman in a group on Facebook posts these steps every once in a while and I just think it’s a GREAT road map.  YOu may NOT hit every step – but if you are like MOST you will touch on many of them!  Food for thought!

Weight loss surgery (WLS) steps.

  1. Decision Point: You decide to have the surgery.
  2. Shock and Awe: You feel “buyer’s remorse” or are in awe of how little you can eat.
  3. Grief and Loss: You feel sad about the loss of some foods, rituals or even friends.
  4. The Miracle: You feel invincible, like you’ll never overeat again.
  5. Testing Limits: You go back to foods that used to trigger you to overeat.
  6. End of Invincible: The “honeymoon” ends and you can gain weight again from those triggers.
  7. GIVE UP OR CHANGE: (I personally think this is THE turning point for SO MANY)You realize if you don’t make changes you will gain your weight back or stop losing.
  8. Learning: You open up and learn to pinpoint what your real problems are.
  9. Experimenting: You go through a trial and error process to discover what works for you.
  10. Self Trust: You develop a sense of self trust and self care that was previously non-existent.
  11. Mastery: You regain control and begin to experience some peace of mind with food, body and scale.
  12. Freedom: You see that what you really want to do and what you MUST do to stay healthy ..and they are one and the same.

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