Du Bleu, du Blanc et du Rouge

Well said and thoughtful, love thoughts and prayers to all impacted by this horrific event. ❤

The Croissant Postcards

Today’s Monday. Mondays suck, we all know it. They mark the end of our week-ends well spent, relaxing, having fun, laughing with friends and family. However, this Monday’s different. It sucks because our long-awaited week-end didn’t happen.

Friday night was going to be an evening of carefreeness, Saturday was going to be fun, Sunday was going to be peaceful and Monday was going to be yet another Monday of coming back to reality.

Sadly, the reality we’re facing in Paris today is not waking up early, reluctantly putting on our clothes and grabbing a coffee to make it in time for school or work where we see faces we don’t want to deal with. The reality we’re facing is that a group of coward people has sent weapons to our city to attack the things and the people we love most. And those weapons took the shape of men. Mad men. Men who killed…

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