Sunday 11/8/2015 ~ Planning for your Health

Planning…a somewhat important part of life isn’t it?  Whether it’s the grocery list, the retirement plan, the wedding plans or the plans to have that baby…our plans help to shape our world.  How many of us PLAN for our health?  So many of us are guilty of NOT planning for it and then saying “well I didn’t have time”, “I didn’t have money”, I didn’t…so today I encourage you to make a commitment to I CAN I WILL I DO AND I DID.

For me the subject comes up because I’ve been walking “outside” either on a trail or by my house and winter is fast approaching.  Winter in the northeast puts some serious limits on my personal ability and interest in the great outdoors.  I’m walking and I’m not going to walk on ice and through snow on slippery roads etc., in sub zero temperatures it’s simply NOT going to happen and I know this.  I also know that although I have a stationary bike and I will use it ON OCCASION I’m not likely to use it day after day, it’s old and not very comfortable.  I ALSO know I’d love to get a treadmill but I don’t have $1500 to go out and get one…SOOOOOO what to do?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot because I AM up to 3 miles a day, I AM enjoying my walks, I AM shaving time off my mile and I don’t want to LOSE any of that just because winter is here.  I know if I do that then come April 1st I’ll be heavier than I want and disgusted with myself and “starting over” and I really don’t want to be that person.  So I’ve been trying to PLAN what I’m going to do to keep myself on the track that I want to be on this winter.  I have to cater to my illness and when I’m sick I cannot exercise the way I want and I know and I accept THAT, but other than that I’d really like to remain in control of my life and my “health destiny”.

So my PLAN is that I am going to join Planet Fitness (I have no affiliation with them, I’m not saying they are the “best gym” or suggesting you go there).  For ME though given that I want just a treadmill and weights, and given the serious LACK of gym situations local to me that are affordable…it seems like my best option.  It’s 14 miles from my house and ten dollars a month, granted even that is easy to say I can’t afford it – but I was “affording” cigarettes 3 months ago – at ten dollars a PACK a pack a day – the ten bucks a month plus the gas is still far less.  I can’t afford NOT to.  The point of this blog is to hold MYSELF accountable for putting this plan in place and not letting winter in New York win the war on health for me personally…and to ask you “what’s your plan for health?”….that’s my current situation/plan.  Thanks for stopping by – till next time!


2 thoughts on “Sunday 11/8/2015 ~ Planning for your Health

  1. The Planet Fitness plan sounds great! Could you find someone to go with you or plan how to get motivation to go when you’re tired etc? I’ve noticed that if my gym is some distance away it’s easier to find excuses not to go. But if I make it there, then every time I’ve enjoyed the exercise.
    For winter I suggest indoor walking – I do it all the time! It’s just as efficient as outdoors. I either pace across living room and the hallway or march on spot and watch Netflix or follow social media or read blogs with my phone.

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    1. I actually have 3 people who have decided to join with me now that I’ve talked about it – which is nice. The other side of that coin for ME though is to not be “brought down” by others who then decide not to go. I am going REGARDLESS, if they join me I’m thrilled but if they DON’T…I’m still going. The gym itself motivates me because I love the weight circuit and can’t get that at home. I also happen to live in the woods so 14 miles is nothing, I travel 30 miles to purchase groceries 🙂

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