Thursday 11/5/2015 ~ The Plateau

Plateau’s – everyone has them…at least everyone who has ever tried to drop a pound or two – yeah okay so that is EVERYONE.

I’ve been doing well for the last couple months (mostly) meaning I haven’t been sick for more than a day or two at a time and I haven’t been hospitalized for weeks on end.  So I’ve gained back some of the weight that I lost in May-June.  When I was sick back then I lost about 43 pounds in a month.  So now I gained … which is okay because that was not a “healthy loss” that was a sickly loss.  But there is 11 pounds of what I gained that I don’t want, so I’ve been doing the okay lets be careful thing.

My body isn’t responding, I’m not gaining by any means and I know I’m eating healthy and I’m doing exercise and it’s really nothing “BAD” my body will “catch up” to what I’m doing BUT yesterday morning when I stepped on the scale and had “gained” a pound I was like ARRGGHHHHH.  It’s frustrating what our body does to us.  When you don’t eat enough your metabolism slows down to accommodate, in general terms your body does not “like” to lose weight.  It’s almost like the body fights against us.  Granted if we just “stayed healthy” in the first place this might not be such an issue yet most of us are at the “well we are here NOW” situation.

So what to do?  I think for me personally (mind you I am not a medical expert or ANY type of expert these are simply my own opinions)….RELAX.  Keep doing healthy stuff, the GOAL should really be more about your health than the scale.  REMEMBER – muscle has weight to it, are you training, are you strong and healthy?  Maybe that 5 pounds isn’t the issue you think it is then.  Change things up – raise your calories for a week, lower them for a week, change your routine, skip a day at the gym, add an evening walk, try a new kind of protein…there are a million things to do while you “wait” but most important is to WAIT.  Try whatever you want to try in the meantime, but do NOT GIVE UP that’s the key – don’t give up!  So your not losing 2 pounds this week, keep on point and you won’t gain any either, if you quit – then you will also GAIN weight and loose ground.

So RELAX, REMEMBER, BREATH, SWITCH IT UP, HOLD YOUR GROUND AND NEVER GIVE UP.  That’s my advice to ME this week….and how’s your week going?


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