Sunday 10/18/2015 ~ Teamwork

     It’s fun to be a solo artist ~ the success and the benefits of whatever you are doing are “ALL YOURS” no one to share them with.  You don’t have to split the profits or the accolades, it’s all you going in and it’s all you coming out.  So why bother to be part of a team then?  Why not just “do it all” alone and reap the rewards.

     Well for one thing, the rewards you can gain are limited to your strengths and capabilities if you work alone.   When you are part of a team the volume and type of rewards available grow in proportion to the talents of those on your team.  Teamwork also affords you the luxury of sharing in the FAILURES as well.  Not only do you “have to share” the success & profits, but you also get to share the failures.  When you fall you have all those hands to help you up.  When you find weakness in yourself you can draw on the strength and fortitude of those on your team.  When you laugh you have someone to laugh with, when you cry you have someone to wipe your tears.

     I’ve always been more a “lone wolf” so to speak, classic “I don’t like people type” and I suppose that I always will be that way to some degree.  Growing older has a way of changing you though, changing your view on the world – and changing how you want the world to view you – and MOST importantly changing how you view YOURSELF.  I’m grateful for “my team”, I’ve learned a lot about it over the last 4-years, who’s really ON my team most importantly.

      I’m grateful to have a team now, how bout you – are you a solo artist or are you part of a band? I suggest you choose your team wisely as much as you can ~ because the people in your life can in fact have a HUGE influence over the path of your life.  No one is wholly responsible for your life or  your happiness but YOU, but part of your responsibility to yourself is to surround YOU with people who are doing good things.  Surround yourself with people who have empathy, goals, compassion, humor and all those other positive qualities that make life worth living.  I am not only grateful for my team – very MUCH so – but I’m also grateful that I’ve learned how important it is to have that.  Team work – friends/family/sports/business/pleasure/work/mental health sobriety – you can have a thousand different teams going on at any one time.  I know who’s on MY team do you know who’s on YOURS?  Thanks for stopping by.


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