Sunday 10/4/2015 ~ Do You Have Faith?

    I was raised Methodist, literally baptized, Sunday School, confirmation the whole nine yards.  Over the years through friends I’ve visited many different faith for a service or two, and I find them all interesting in their own way.  I would NOT say that I am “religious”, i.e. I in fact do not go to church, and I don’t subscribe to the theories of a specific religion.  I do have faith though, I am in fact spiritual.  I do believe there is something “more” out there, but I don’t claim to know what “it” is.  Is it a God?  Is it the God that YOU believe in, if you do?  I’m not sure to be honest with you because I don’t know “your God”, I don’t KNOW any God simply because I’ve never met him/them/her/it.

That does NOT mean that I think your God is untrue – quite the contrary – I think that ALL God’s are possible until proven otherwise.  I believe there is “room to believe” and I subscribe to the theory that whatever “faith” fits best for YOU and your life is in fact the RIGHT faith for you.  Me personally I can enjoy, or take something away from “most” spiritual experiences.  I must admit I particularly like Baptist services, because my experience with them has been full of vigor, full of life, full of music.  I’m not sure if all are like that, but the one’s that I’ve been to quite move me.  The only things I don’t care for when it comes to participating in a religious or spiritual ceremony are situations where the “leaders” are sleeping with half the congregation, and/or the leaders are living in mansions and “collecting an offering” every five minutes from followers living at the poverty level.  Those two things, both of which I’ve witnessed firsthand in some religious organizations; leave a terrible taste in my mouth.  I have no respect or tolerance for people who try to abuse the faith of others for their own personal gain.  I also don’t have a great deal of patience for the peddling of religion door to door, but then I also don’t like door to door vacumm cleaner salesman EITHER so that’s LESS of a RELIGIOUS pet peeve and more of a personal space pet peeve.  My home is my home and I’m a very private person, I know what’s out there in the world ~ if I want your services (your bible or your hoover) I’ll call YOU please don’t knock here again!

     To ME real faith is about living a “good” life, not being perfect but trying to be a good, kind and decent person and trying to do the right thing.  Understanding that we all fail ourselves and others at times – but never ceasing to TRY.  I guess I believe in Karma, if you do me wrong I am not going to seek revenge because I don’t think it’s productive or the right thing.  I do believe that what you put out will come back to you at some point, and I really try to just move on.

I’m not entirely sure WHY I picked this topic today – maybe a whole variety of reasons.  I’ve been considering visiting a Sunday service lately, maybe a refresher course on my faith in fact, but where to go?  Due to the fact that I do NOT have a SPECIFIC “religion” that I associate myself and my faith with, the options are almost overwhelming I could “go anywhere”.  I guess I’ve also had the conversation a few times lately about my situation, the surgeon, and why couldn’t I sue him and OMG “how horrible” and I always think – MEH – it is what it is.  I in fact could not sue him (well I could but I was advised that due to lack of my ability to PROVE 100% what happened I’d likely not win), but whatever the answer was “no”.  So what?  Should I spend the rest of my life angry and bitter.  Should I get up every day with hate in my heart, wishing ill towards this man?  What will I in fact gain from that?  Does that make ME a better person?  Will it make me feel better? I don’t know – I’m not “oh so happy and grateful” this happened BUT what’s done is done, and maybe that is more the realist in me than the religion in me.  I just don’t see what I’ll GAIN by living an angry bitter life, and I really don’t see any point to it.  What happened happened and here I am today, what will I do with TODAY?

So everything for a reason I believe, and I literally wake up every day and try to be thankful for the blessing I have ~ because quite frankly I have many.  It’s not always an easy task, and some days I fail but on the WHOLE I really am trying to live with a positive vibe on a spiritual as well as every other level.  I wish I could find a local spirit church, that does not have a big set of rules but just praise and thankfulness for life and love…maybe I’ll keep looking but in the meantime I’ll keep my faith.  Love to all, thanks for dropping by….see you next time.


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