Tuesday 9/22/2015 ~ Been a year

    It occurs to me that it’s been a year since I had my breast lift – it was a year on the 19th actually, and Halloween will be a year since the tummy tuck.  Seems like just yesterday – holy time flies.  Honestly both really good decisions for me, I’m SUPER DUPER happy with the work he did, and no regrets.  Okay after the tummy tuck maybe the first 48 hours I had some regrets – that was pretty painful – but on the WHOLE and now that I’m healed – no regrets!

One thing I’m curious about is if anyone who has had the tummy tuck still has any odd sensations on their scar line.  Honestly my scar is SO very minimal that I hate to say that I even have one, but you know where the actual incision was I have odd sensations SOMETIMES.  An example is if I’m laying on my side, and my cat comes up over my hip to check me out and his little fat paw happens to HIT the spot – it’s like a flash of hurt and then an odd sensation.  That’s really the only “thing” I ever get about the entire experience – the scarring is in fact minimal – my new belly and new boobs are great – and I’m still thinking in the back of my mind I’d like to get my legs and arms done.  I’m 360 pounds down from my highest weight to current so I have a lot of skin.

    What keeps me from running out – actually on my arms it’s the same thing as so many others – the money.  My legs my plastic surgeon told me that he can get them covered by insurance but oh the thought of more surgery, more pain etc.  After 20-something procedures it’s really something that causes me to pause and say hmmmmmmmmm do I REALLLYYYYY want to lol.

Well I’ll keep pondering it, no regrets at all on the first two procedures though SO HAPPY with the results – shout out to Dr. Hagerty in Rhinebeck/Kingston – great doctor, nice man EXCELLENT WORK!


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