Friday 9/11/2015 ~ Suffering & Rememberance

I’m not much for “mainstream” anything, generally if “everyone is talking about it” I’m not.  There are some things though, like the tragedy of so many lives lost that cause even hard cranky me to pause and think – well okay maybe this time I won’t be so stern in my adhesion to my refusal to be mainstream.  I think that for ME personally a lot of the “meaning” of this date gets lost in the “hype” of all joining some anti-terrorist movement which so many of us are so ill prepared to even understand fully on any kind of intellectual level.  People see a meme on Facebook, and they are off and running with torches, crucifixions and half baked ideas of what is really going, or what has gone on in the world.  For this very reason I RARELY if EVER engage in any type of political or religious type of “debate” myself, and never blog about that kind of thing – today is no exception.

My blog today is just a memory, just a beat of my heart a moment in my day to say that I remember this day so very well and the pain/suffering and tragedy that SO MANY people suffered on SO MANY levels on this date in history should never be suffered by anyone of my fellow HUMAN BEINGS ~ regardless of race, religion, creed, location, color, ethnic origin, social or economical status. A remembrance that though on this date in history there is an exceptionally LARGE proportion of those who suffered “en-masse” (and that is heartbreaking) there are millions who suffer every day.  Every single day as we sit and sip our coffee, as we get ready for our work or school, see our children out the door – there is a human right now as I write this and as you read who is hot, who is starving, who is being beaten, who is crying, who just lost their child or their parent, who is in awful pain and cannot get to or afford medical treatment.  Suffering is very real and very much a part of EVERY SINGLE DAY ~ 9/11 is tragic to me OF COURSE it is ~ and my heart still breaks today for each individual who was impacted just as much as it did on that day.  My heart breaks EVERY DAY THOUGH, 9/11 is not a unique date in history in that it is the sole owner of the suffering of mankind.  Every day a child is hurt or goes hungry, loses a parent – cries without consolation ~ every day is a tragic day in this world until we do a lot to change “humankind”.

So on THIS particular 9/11 a good friend of mine is scheduled to become a grandma – and THAT is a positive note for me today – YEAH FOR GRANDBABIES!  Her daughter is having scheduled induction and at first actually refused this date because of all the “tragic” 9/11 connotations but scheduling, and life’s circumstances (as is so often the case) actually led her back around to this date and she’s scheduled to be induced tomorrow morning.  I’m excited for her, praying for everyone’s safe outcome of course and the safe outcome of all who are being born on this day.  I’m also praying for peace for all who suffer the memories of tragic loss on this date, and for all who suffer every day….whether it’s 9/11 ~ 11/24 ~ 4/15  ` or 6/30 it saddens my heart every day for all who suffer in pain or loss, especially the type that could be adverted or helped by simple humanNESS, kindNESS.

#remember911     #babybornday     #loveeveryone     #isupportbeingHUMAN


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