Holding Patterns ~ Monday 8/17/2015

    I often wonder does everyone else’s life go through “cycles” like mine does?  It seems like feast or famine for me in SO many area’s of my life.  I’m sick 24/7 ~ or I’m doing well, I have nothing to do for days ~ or I have three weeks of jam packed stuff going on, I’m lonely on the ‘relationship’ front ~ or I have more “relationship stuff” than I can handle…right now I’m kind of at please stop this ride I want to get off.

Things have been SUPER hectic lately ~ all good stuff honestly ~ but still some days it’s overwhelming.  Trying my best to just keep a handle on it mentally, but more importantly to not let it impact my physical health.

 I had my emptying study and everything has been forwarded to the surgeon – so I go to Brooklyn next month for my first appointment.  Nervous and anxious and excited all at the same time.  I actually had a contact from someone at Enterra regarding my blogs/journey etc., that was kind of nice – surprising but nice.  So anywhoots I feel like I’ve been being neglectful of my blog, but life’s just overwhelming at the moment and I’m just trying to keep a grip – I’ll be back soon and I hope you are all doing WONDERFUL!  


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