Tuesday 5/12/2015 ~ Progress or Perfection?

  My blog today is actually a result of seeing the meme that is the featured image… STRIVE FOR PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION.

What a life lesson THAT has been huh?  The two “main themes” of my blog deal with the weight loss surgery and all that it entails.  Then also the complications / gastroparesis and all that IT entails as far as living with it and what that is like.  Both of those things have taught me a lot on this whole subject ~ and oh how hard those lessons have been!

    It’s humbling though isn’t it?  To go from classic Type A anal gotta it done right and perfectly to Type A and dealing with “Get it done?  I don’t know if I’m even going to be able to get DRESSED today?”!!  Why do so many of us develop that “all or nothing” attitude.  Whether it’s diet, exercise, financial success, love ~ seems like we enjoy setting ourselves up to fail sometimes.  When thing don’t go 100% as per our plan (which they rarely do) we are so quick to throw in the towel.

I’m not a mental health professional so I don’t have all the answers to this question, my point in posing the question is just to make people “think”.  Before you “quit” all together take a minute and consider is it in fact really deserving of a “total fail” just because you didn’t achieve perfection?  Or is it in fact better to set that one component to the side and concentrate on the successes and allow those to carry you forward in your journey.  Just “food for thought” ~ today I choose to strive for progress and to forgive myself for my imperfections!


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