Sunday 5/10/2015 ~ Happy Mother’s Day

     Mother’s Day is a bit of a difficult “holiday” for me.  My own mother passed away when I was 24 years old, and that was 20-years ago now.  I became a mother (technically) 21 years ago and it’s not something I was prepared for when it happened.  So I have all kinds of mixed emotions about this day, I really miss my OWN mom so much on this day.  I always miss her, but it’s just one of those “reminder days”.  Then when I put myself as the “mom” in mother’s day it makes me relive and question all of my feelings of inadequacy and struggles with BEING a mother and always feeling like I was not a good one.  Honestly it’s such a poignant subject for me, just writing that paragraph brought tears to my eyes – JUST GRRRR!

That being said there are a lot of amazing & strong mother’s in my life that have taught me so much, and that I appreciate more than any words can ever express.  So to all of those women I say THANK YOU for being so amazing, and for sharing yourself with me and allowing me to learn from you and observe the brilliance that is you.  To ALL of you Mother’s out there I wish you a wonderful day and hope that you day is filled with the happiness and love that every mom deserves!



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