Wednesday 4/15/2015 ~ What’s So Funny?

    Last year I participated in a roast at my best friends surprise birthday party, and apparently I was a hit.  Ironic because my nerves were 100% shot as I started talking, public speaking SOOOO not my thing.  Recently though I had the opportunity to see a video of my performance and I have to say that I made my own self laugh.  I did need to learn to let them have the laugh before I RUSHED onto the next jab though.  Note to self: check your nerves at the door; because that was nothing more than wanting to get it all out and pass the mic. off to the next person.  However, that whole experience leads me to think about humor and the role it plays in our lives.  It’s SUCH a necessary thing for one’s mental health isn’t it?  Honestly, if I couldn’t laugh at my situation sometimes I think I’d be jumping off the Empire State Building.  I’m not here to reinvent the wheel so to speak, the scholarly articles on the benefits of laughter/humor and mental health abound in this world, and I’m neither qualified nor interested in writing my own.  So if you are interested in a more legitimate resource CLICK HERE to go to an article on the subject, or simply google “laughter & mental health” ~ there is an plethora of articles available out there.

     I’ve been such a Debbie Downer lately in my blogs, just as a reflection of the fact that I’ve not been feeling well; that today I decided to share a little of my twisted humor with you.  You may not think there is much humor to be found in these subjects, but OH MY how very wrong you would be.  Now it might help if your sense of humor is a little twisted, as mine is; if you are more straight-laced my puns and observations may not appeal to you ~ so I’ll apologize now if you find my humor less than tasteful.  I swear to you though, it has helped me to survive many a lousy day and situation.

    I’ll start with my favorite “funny” and that is the “funniest” thing about my weight loss?  My skin by far is the most hysterical thing about losing so much weight for me personally.  MY GOD you have not seen saggage until you have lost a couple of hundred pounds.  (Yes I’m making up my own words here – my blog – my rules~ ha)!  Saggage, okay it’s not attractive.  I’ve never been one to want to “dress however I please” regardless of the visual assault that may come to others as a result of my clothing choices.  (read between the lines ~ no bikini’s or tank tops happening for THIS chick) I’ve always tried (whether it was due to fat or excess skin) to dress in a way that I felt was more “appropriate” and/or respectful to both myself and others.  Now I’m not knocking anyone, you have to do what you feel good about, but for ME having my own saggage (or fat for that matter) on display has never helped me to ‘feel good’.  Clothing is a great tool, but when you go from shielding fat to shielding saggage the rules do kind of change.

    I think one of the “funniest” topics in the saggage arena is in the boob department.  Jesus Lord you cannot imagine what a 330+ pound deflation can do to a set of tata’s!  I remember a video that a friend sent to me, (I’m sure you’ve all seen it on the internet or on social media, where the cartoon’s boobs are so long and flopping around she can “tie them in a bow”).  Yeah that’s funny, except when you really CAN do that!  I went from a 46C to a 42L (L for LONG) pretty quickly on the whole weight loss train.  You really don’t understand it until you put a bra on, straps in place all positioned correctly and there is NO BOOB IN THERE.  You literally have to lift it all up and put it in after the bra is positioned, the struggle is REAL.  I swear to god when you have to worry about zipping a nipple in your jeans, you KNOW you have arrived!

    I’ve laughed with friends about this before, but when I went for my first consult with the plastic surgeon about having a breast lift the humor reached a whole new level.  The surgeon, really great guy, was as nice as could be and after surveying the situation (LITERALLY surveying it with a tape measure), he assured me that insurance would cover this.  He then looked at me and said without blinking, “do you want a reduction or enhancement?”.  Fair enough question I suppose and one he asks every day, but I was not prepared for it.  I looked at him like a deer caught in the headlights for a hot second and proceeded to say, “I don’t want EITHER, whatever god gave me is FINE, I just want them OUT OF MY PANTS!”.  He laughed and so did the nurse, I guess my response was not the “standard”.  It was a legitimate one though, I really didn’t want them bigger or smaller I was not looking for a “boob job” I was looking to have some semblance of boob again rather than torpedoes.  So we laughed and laughed and then he looked at me and I had to point at my breasts, currently hanging to my waist in the “open and gown” and say “I’m serious”.  So ultimately he did what I asked and he did a great job.  He turned them from 42 Long to 40C and made them perky in a way they had not been for a very long time.  Great doctor and good experience, I’d completely do it again ~ but the story is priceless.  I just want them out of my pants! Needless to say I did agree to do before and afters for him to showcase his amazing work ~ he really is good at what he does!

Well that’s my contribution to humor for this week ~ just a lighter note to remind myself not to concentrate on just the negative, even during the “bad times” and to remember that laughter is indeed STILL the best medicine!


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