Monday 3/30/2015 ~ In Between

    Urgh so for the first time since I started I didn’t have something ready for today, blah.  Towards the end of last week I started have such pain and nausea that I did end up going to the hospital much as I did not wish to!  The ultimate diagnosis was “your insides are messed up” lol, thanks for the newsflash guys!  Basically I was having horrible pain in the right side of my abdomen, and given that I still have my appendix they wanted to look at that so off to cat-scan we were.  Well as it turns out my insides are SO messed up that my appendix isn’t even ON the right side of my abdomen, it’s pushed all the way over to the left side.  Leave it to me to find some way to have some freaky thing going on inside of me, I swear what I wouldn’t give to just once hear “oh you have a cold” lol.

At the end of the day what he told me was that #1 my bowels are (as usual) VERY much backed up and full, so much so that the distention has literally pushed organs out of place in there.  He feels that my pain is likely due to bowel spasms pulling on scar tissue and he gave me two medications to help me though that.  One is supposed to relax the bowel and intestines to thwart off the spasms and the other is standard pain medication to help me when I do have the spasms.  At the end of the day, fixing the bowel is “on the list” whatever that may entail and there is always the possibility for another surgery to remove scar tissue, but that always carries with it the risk of creating more scar tissue ~ quite the double edged sword if you ask me.  So off I went with my medication, and regardless of my insurance situation I had to call the gastroenterologist and make an appointment to follow up on this, or I’m going to spend the next several months running in and out the hospital again.  The earliest appointment I could get was April 22nd, so we shall see how it goes until then.  I have to say that the medication that he gave me to stop the spasms does seem to be helping, but he only gave me 10-days worth and the doctor visit is 30 days worth of waiting so time will tell.  Sorry for the lateness today, really just off my game right now.  Still no movement since I went to hospital on Thursday, today’s Monday so yeah my insides are giving me a bit of an issue at the moment!  A day in the life of an internal mess lol!  


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