Thursday 3/26/2015 ~ Misc. Musings

.    So when I began the blog, my “thought” was sharing the ‘story’.  The combination of the decisions regarding the bypass, the ultimate paralysis, what its like to live with it and what it has done to my life.  Ironically though my “gastroparesis” is in fact a ‘paralysis’ ~ denoting lack of movement; it has barreled through my life like a freight train showing no signs of lack of movement derailing everything in it’s wake.

     The entire process has been somewhat therapeutic I have to admit.  In the six weeks or so since I have began blogging I’ve been awed and amazed at the response Ive received, from both people I know and complete strangers!  On the blog itself I’ve had over 550 readers from 11 different countries.  The facebook page and the Twitter have both also received more of a response than I thought they would.  Certainly not the same level of “followers” as Dr Phil, heck I’d guess that Shaggy from Scooby-Doo has more than me (I’ll have to check on that); but still it’s awe inspiring and motivating to me.  I’ve had contact through those sites with well over 500 people ~ amazing people.  So between the blog and social media that’s over a thousand contacts with people who understand, some who are inspired, and even MORE who are inspiring me.  It’s  overwhelming ~ but in the greatest way!

     I’ve learned that the struggles I face in living with my gastroparesis are (unfortunately) not at all uncommon, and not at all unique to me. I’ve learned that there are thousands lying in their bed literally too malnourished and weak to shower today from this disease.  That’s me today, and for the last six weeks that has been me more days than not.  Honestly if I could not pre-schedule posts and write blogs ahead I wouldn’t even be able to do this whole thing.  When I’m having a day that is even half way decent, I literally can lay in my bed and “pre-plan” a little, so let me give a SHOUT OUT to social media and the digital world for making anything possible.

When I started this in February it was to “share my story”, which I’ve done; took me a minute but I got there.  I realize the story isn’t done yet (giving thanks), but that also leaves me a stop sign on the blogging thing.  Hmmmmm, I no longer have this outlined chronological story to tell.  Though my story will certainly have more chapters in the future, as of yesterday it’s kind of up to date.  That’s both frightening to me and exciting at the same time.  Now it means if I wish to continue the blog I have to do so as a “normal person”.  What to write about next?  Will what I say have value and btw will anyone even CARE?  I honestly don’t know what what to “write about next”.  I have kept a brainstorm list of ideas that have popped into my head over the course my writing so far – but that didn’t fit in with the chronological timeline, so I set them to side.  I guess I’ll revisit that list and continue to look for inspiration in the wonderful people that I’ve met through this undertaking.  So with that I’ll say, tune-in and here’s to hoping that someone somewhere sill find a value in my future musings!  


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