Tuesday 3/24/2015 ~ The Tummy Tuck

     So the healing from the breast lift was going well, and I have to say that I was most pleased with the work.  On my follow up visit for that we scheduled my tummy-tuck (abdominoplasty) for Friday 10/31/2014.  As with the breast lift the surgery is scheduled as a same day procedure, and it’s anticipated you will go home that same afternoon.  Once again everything really went according to plan, arrived early in the morning ~ everyone was great and a little before eight in the morning I was off to the operating room

    When I awoke in the recovery room this time I found that I was in a bit more pain than I had been the previous month with the breast lift.  Regardless though the nurse was great, I got the pain medicine and such and went back to my room in the same day surgery.  Same routine there as well, have to walk, go to the bathroom and eat something; and I was able to do all of that.  I actually left the hospital around two in the afternoon headed for home.  That my friends is where the similarities end to the September surgery.  I mentioned that the breast lift was by far not in the top five “most painful” of the 17-18 surgeries that I have had.  The tummy-tuck is in fact in the top TWO most painful recoveries that I’ve ever had.

My incision was 29″ around hip to hip, and I came home with a drain coming out of each hip and staples across a large potion of the incision.  It was quite painful and if I were to be 100% honest I would tell you that in that first 48-hours I did in fact think (more than once) why the HELL did I do this voluntarily.  Holy cow the pain was intense, it did “get better” each day but it certainly took a bit longer than I had anticipated or hoped.  I was also disappointed to find out on my one week check up that the drains would be in for quite some time.  They did not HURT of their own per-say but they were cumbersome and limiting.  They did not get removed until December, and goodness was I thrilled to see them go!  As with the pain as time went on and I became more accustomed to dealing with them, it was not ‘as bad’ as it was initially, but I had never had drains long term before and it was an eye opening experience.  The only other time I ever had drains at all was when I had my RNY Bypass, and those were removed before I was discharged from the hospital.

In the grand scheme of things (NOW – months later and without drains or staples anymore) I am glad that I did the operation.  It was kind of a 2-part thing where he actually removed the apron and then did the “tuck” with the remaining skin and tissue to flatten everything out.  They told me that part they actually removed was a little under seven pounds, hell of a way too lose 5-pounds in a day but hey I’m not complaining.  So overall I feel it was quite successful on all fronts.  Again I like his work, I feel my surgeon is skilled at what he does.  Without all that excess skin my tube does in fact not pull and rip like it was prior to the operation.  My tube by the way, I don’t know if I ever really explained this before, is in the lower left side of abdomen, because it goes “through” my stomach and has a line down to my intestines.  The part that is on the ‘outside’ of my body is white and red plastic and for the most part very unobtrusive and after the first 3-months having it I really don’t even think about it.  If you saw me you would never know that I have this plastic hanging out of me unless I told you.

The tummy was good, the tube was better and I was hopeful about one other thing.  My surgeon had told me on my last visit at his office before surgery that he actually had a patient before who had some gastric motility issues.  Not as severe as mine he said, but similar.  He also went on to tell me that once she had her tummy-tuck, her motility issues actually improved because her body was literally “tighter” and her organs more supported.  My initial request to see if I could have this done was due to the issues with my tube and the excess skin; however, once he told me that story I was so hopeful that I might find improvement in my motility for the same reasons.  My hopes were short lived though because now five months later I can say that I was not the unintended recipient of this added benefit.  I don’t have any regrets though because by all accounts this surgery was quite successful in obtaining it’s desired effect with regard to the skin and tube, I am happy with both my choice and the results.

You may notice that throughout my blogs I don’t talk about any specific doctor of hospital by name either good or bad.  The reason is that I’m not here to either advocate FOR or AGAINST any specific medical professional.  I’m not selling anything or anyone, I’m not interested in “bashing” nor promoting anyone.  The purpose of my blog is to share my story so that if someone is going through something similar they can know they are not “the only one” and might find some comfort in my survival.  That being said if anyone in my geographical area is considering plastic surgery, due to weight loss or any other reason, I would be more than happy to share who my surgeon was privately.  I highly recommend him for the simple fact that my body was not an easy canvas to be working with, and he did an amazing job in my opinion in every possible way.  As always, thanks for reading ~ back again tomorrow!


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