Saturday 3/21/2015 ~ August 2014 the “New Doctors”

    So in July I left the new gastro doctors with some information and plans.  I spoke to the office where he referred me for the doctor who deals with the pacing (stimulators), and that was interesting to say the least.  The girl was very nice, but I was a little daunted when on the phone she said “I’ve never heard of that”, then she said “let me check”.  After about five minutes she returned to the line and said “Oh yeah he does do that, I had no idea”.  She then proceeded to schedule me an appointment for the end of August – his first available.  By now I was used the “waiting”, I had long since come to grips with the fact that no one anywhere was going to give me any quick fixes, and that this was in fact “my new life”.  So I didn’t fall apart over it, I took the appointment and said to myself “well at least you are in with someone who does it”.  

     My newfound “comfort” in this fact that I actually had someone who did the pacing was short-lived.  By the end of August the day of the appointment arrived, it was an early morning appointment and I was about 45 miles away so I left fairly early in the morning to get there on time.  When I was about halfway through my trip my cell phone rang and it was of course his office calling me, and my first thought was he had an emergency surgery etc.  This type of things happens often when dealing with surgeons, no point in getting all upset about it.  When I found a spot to pull over I did call them back, but in fact he did NOT have emergency surgery that they needed to cancel my appointment for.  Instead what I heard was that there was no point in me coming to the appointment that I had now waited two months for because in fact though he USED to run a program specific to gastric pacing, he no longer does that program and he would not see me.  Really?  Honestly I can’t lie, that moment in the car I just started crying.  How can it be that you can be suffering so bad and it’s so impossible to get help.  I 100% had a big ole pity party moment, I was so through with it all I really was.  I was annoyed that they waited two months, that they had ME wait two months and then cancelled the appointment on the way.  I was frustrated because the gastric doctor that referred me had told me that this was the ONLY doctor he knew in our entire area who deals with pacing.  I was used up, I’m not even going to lie.  I was emotionally wrecked and once again felt like there was really no hope at all, that this is it forever this is just how it is for the rest of my life and that was not a good feeling.

    I’m happy to report that I got over myself and didn’t allow this to become yet another spiral into horrific depression.  I pulled myself together, and actually didn’t deal with it at all for a couple of days, I just needed a break from even thinking about it and so I did nothing right away.  In the meantime I had in fact also contacted a plastic surgeon as the gastro doctor had recommended and had my first consult with him a couple of days later.  I’m happy to say that my experience with HIM was a much more positive one.

     I explained to him why I was there, and he took a “look” and as it turns out my weight loss was SO EXTREME and my skin therefore SO EXTREME that he informed me that with or without the tube he would not only have no trouble getting the skin removal of my stomach approved, but he also gave me a list of other things that he felt that he could easily get approved due to the severity of my excess skin.  So I left the initial consult thinking, well this will be a few months in the making, the approval process etc.  Turns out that it was NOT a few months, it was in fact about a week later when they called me to say that they had submitted for a breast lift and the tummy tuck (with the flap removal) and they had received approval for both.  I was a bit overwhelmed by this because it was NOT at all what I expected, however I was not willing to delay anything and run the risk of losing my “approvals”.  They wanted to do the procedures as separate surgeries and so we scheduled the breast lift first for September 19th, 2014, with the belly work to follow.

In tomorrow’s blog I’m going to discuss the impact of my health insurance, and “Obamacare” on my healthcare decisions a little more in depth.  Then on Monday I’ll talk about the breast lift and then on Tuesday the Tummy-Tuck (Abdominoplasty).  As always thanks for tuning in.


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